About Shipa

About Shipa

Shipa delivers a unique cloud-native application-as-code platform. Using Shipa, organizations speed up application deployment, management, and security by detaching the application layer from the underlying infrastructure.

Shipa does for applications what Terraform did for infrastructure. A consistent application definition for an evolving infrastructure.

Shipa is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Our Mission

Shipa is a venture-backed startup with a distributed team. Our mission is to enable teams to deliver, manage, and secure cloud-native applications easily.

We are uniquely positioned to create and lead the Application-as-Code (AaC) category.

Shipa Leadership

Bruno Andrade CEO
Ravi Lachhman Field CTO
Vivek Pandey VP of Engineering

Shipa Advisors

Kelsey Hightower Advisor
Matt Klein Advisor
Ken Owens Advisor
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Venture Backed Company

Shipa is a venture-backed company

Engineering Capital

Partners to great entrepreneurs driven by technical insight

Jump Capital

Investing in the evolving IT infrastructure stack & analytical layers powered by the data and cloud revolution.