Enabling Trust Driven Development – Shipa Insights

In the DevOps model, DevOps teams can be integral in fostering and disseminating trust throughout the entire engineering organization. But trust is certainly a two-way street. 

Shipa Product Updates – June 2022

Summer is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere and as we work on getting our collective outdoors time in, we also have been busy at work making some great enhancements to Shipa.

Know Instantly When Kubernetes Violations Occur – Your First PagerDuty and Shipa Alert

Imagine having the ability to instantly know when a Kubernetes compliance or security violation occurs. Now you can with Shipa Insights. Coupling Shipa Insights with the robust notification and alerting capabilities of PagerDuty makes this very possible.

Shipa Insights – Engineering Efficiency Release

As we continue to build our vision around Shipa Insights, we are pleased to announce that we are now including engineering efficiency statistics along with the policy and security violations from our initial release. 

Your First Shipa Canary Deployment(s)

The beauty of Shipa is that you have the ability to execute a canary release on Kubernetes using multiple tools; the experience is the same with ArgoCD, Terraform, GitHub Actions, and so on. In this example, we will execute a canary deployment leveraging the Shipa UI and leveraging ArgoCD. 

Kubernetes Security 101 For Developers – More Than Locking You Out Of Kubectl

As workloads become more critical that are run on Kubernetes, a separation starts to occur similar to the virtual machine days between the developer and the environment e.g no production access. Let’s take a dive into some security challenges and basics for developers whose workloads are headed to Kubernetes.