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Solved a problem and want to document it? Or feel we’re missing something from our ever-growing collection of learning resources?

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You talk, we listen. That’s how it works at Shipa. So that’s why we’ve built a dedicated user community in Slack where you can add, vote, and comment on the features you want us to develop next. Join our community today.

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You’ll gain access to our bustling Slack community, where you can get support, share ideas and make the most out of Kubernetes.

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Have you created a new integration for Shipa and want to share the information so we can include it in the documented list of integrations? Share the GitHub repository and documentation!

Shipa API

Access Shipa API and see how you can automate and integrate Shipa even further into your current workflow. Shipa’s API enables you to have instant access to the functionalities available through Shipa’s CLI and dashboard.


If you have any questions, or ideas as to how you can contribute or work with us, just drop us a message and we will get back to you asap!

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