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Shipa 1.3.6 Cloud Release is now GA

We are pleased to present Shipa 1.3.6-Cloud release. 

Shipa is designed to make it simple for developers to run their code on Kubernetes without having to know Kubernetes and for platform engineers to enforce controls and policies. Please check out the new release at

Major new features & enhancements
  • We have added SSO using Azure AD for Shipa Cloud

Please refer to the release notes here for the full list of improvements

Improvements include:

  • Shipa System
    • [SHIPA-1765] Don’t show dependency files for auto discovered apps
    • [Shipa-1778] Shipa Plan Identifier at Org level and migrations (#874)
    • Fix ensure shipa-team TeamAdmin role (#871)
    • [SHIPA-1729] node traefik async restart (#867)
    • Remove app.Filter.Platform because we cant filter by platform now
    • [SHIPA-1767] Fix bug: cluster-create doesn’t configure auto-discovery
    • Remove deprecated platform api endpoints (#862)
    • [shipa-1760] apply framework network policy only if framework has cluster (#864)
    • [shipa-1693] fix github security vulnerabilities alerts by updating/replacing dangerous packages (#858)
    • [shipa-1602] remove deployments with zero weight from routing settings (#857)
    • Change return from GET /events/ (#861)
    • Disable cert validation in acceptnace tests (#859)
    • Add acceptance tests for shipa nodes and credentials (#851)
    • Framework update to ignore appAutoDiscovery if it is not supported
    • When framework changed, update only app auto discovery things on cluster
    • Shipa 1644 Remove platform from acceptance tests (#852)
    • Don’t list drivers for pools with kubernetes provisioner (#850)
    • Prevent users from deleting volume plans with volumes referencing it (#849)
    • [SHIPA-1658] add app limit logic and remove users limit (#847)
    • Fix vague permission error (#848)
    • [shipa-1501] added hook on app create (#846)
    • [SHIPA-1656] remove org expiration and limit checks logic (#845)
    • [SHIPA-1532] Clean deployment if units not provisioned (#841)
    • [shipa-1501] refactored network policies (#838)
    • app.CreateApp should not perform some actions for auto-discovered apps (#844)
    • Periodically sync auto-discovered apps (#842) 

       Please refer to the release notes here for the full list