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Deploying applications to Kubernetes from your CI pipeline with Shipa and CircleCI

Deploying Applications to Kubernetes

A tech tutorial with Shipa and CircleCI

Kubernetes can bring a wide collection of advantages to a development organization, but efficiently deploying applications to Kubernetes is something many organizations are still working to perfect.

Properly using Kubernetes can significantly improve productivity, empower you to better utilize your cloud spend, and improve application stability and reliability. On the flip side, if you are not properly leveraging Kubernetes, your would-be benefits become drawbacks. As a developer, this can become incredibly frustrating when your focus is on delivering quality code fast.

The learning curve and management of the object-centric application architecture, scripting, integrations into multiple CI systems and pipelines, and managing infrastructure can all make you less productive. According to a survey conducted by Tidelift and The New Stack, just 32% of a developer’s time is spent writing new code or improving existing code. The other 68% is spent in meetings, code maintenance, testing, security issues, and more.

What if developers could take full advantage of the benefits of Kubernetes while avoiding its pitfalls? In this tutorial, we will show how CircleCI and Shipa together can empower teams to get the best possible performance out of deploying applications to Kubernetes. How does it work? CircleCI maximizes speed with customizable pipelines, while Shipa simplifies Kubernetes. The combination gives developers more time to do what they do best: develop quality software quickly, without changing the way they work. Your platform engineering team can manage, secure, and deliver a powerful Kubernetes platform that benefits the entire development organization.

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