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Kubernetes Easy Button – Running Your JS Apps on Kubernetes with Shipa

Kubernetes is becoming a dominant platform for running workloads. As the Kubernetes ecosystem continues to advance capturing a wider swath of workloads, eventually your code might be headed to Kubernetes. As a Tech Lead at Shipa responsible for front-end engineering e.g what you see on the screen, my job crosses JavaScript Frameworks and Kubernetes on a daily basis. Even the most seasoned JS Developer in Kubernetes-land has to have a hint of platform engineering dealing with non-functional Kubernetes requirements; taking away from feature development. 

In our latest Shipa Office Hours webinar, I go through how Shipa makes the Kubernetes experience seamless and lowers the bar of entry for JS Developers. 


How Easy, is the Easy Button?

Kubernetes for JS Developers

If you did not catch the presentation, given that you do need to create a Docker Image of your JS Applications. Far from the days of 2013 when Docker was released, almost a decade in there is a great ecosystem and approaches to turn your JS App into an image. 

Once in an image, Shipa helps take care of the rest. From non-functional requirements such as connectivity e.g exposing or not exposing your app to the world on Kubernetes to metrics collection in the form of Prometheus, Shipa has your back. 

Run the Examples Yourself

If you have not signed up for Shipa Cloud which is free forever, make sure to do that. Here are the GItHub Repos used in the example.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our Shipa Community Slack