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The Future of Kubernetes on DevOps Radio

DevOps Radio Episode 90: Shipa’s Bruno Andrade on the Future of Kubernetes

In this episode of DevOps Radio, Shipa’s CEO and Founder Bruno Andrade joins host Brian Dawson to discuss his thoughts on the future of Kubernetes.

DevOps Radio is a CloudBees-sponsored podcast series. Hosting experts from around the industry, the show dives into what it takes to successfully develop, deliver and deploy software in today’s ever-changing business environment. From DevOps to Docker, each episode features real-world insights and a few stories, tips, industry scoop and more. Our goal is to offer up a variety of experts, but you’ll hear from CloudBees own experts from time-to-time, too.

Shipa (, is the full lifecycle application-centric framework for Kubernetes and multi-cluster portability. Shipa creates the guardrails, compliance and controls for your Kubernetes and  applications, while at the same time helping to eliminate all the yaml-files, helm charts and custom scrips that are most likely starting to pile up and slowing things down for your developers.

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“I’m an engineer. I love sitting down and dealing with cool, brand new tech and testing stuff. But how much time do you actually spend on that rather than what it actually needs to deliver?”

Bruno Andrade, CEO, Shipa Corp

Full transcript and more episodes of DevOps Radio HERE.

DevOps Radio Shipa for kubernetes

Host Brian Dawson is a DevOps evangelist and practitioner with a focus on agile, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps practices. He has over 25 years as a software professional in multiple domains including quality assurance, engineering and management, with a focus on optimization of software development. Brian has led an agile transformation consulting practice and helped many organizations implement CI, CD and DevOps.

Guest Bruno Andrade is CEO and Founder of Shipa. He has led distributed systems design and implementation at enterprises across different industries, defining methodologies, concepts and architecture and has dedicated the last few years to working on the Cloud Native space helping companies through a successful journey.

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