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Zero To Application Ready on K8s – Nana Janashia

For those who missed the live conversation, we had a great chat with Nana Janashia [Techworld with Nana] around taking the next click in with Kubernetes. As one of the great equalizers between the development and operations teams, Kubernetes has a duality of generics and opinions to power your workloads. This duality can be a complex one to navigate not only dealing with a new paradigm of idempotency and ephemerality but also dealing with a vast amount of choice and seemingly granular. 

Check out the full webinar here:

Kubernetes, the Eggplant of the Technology World

For anyone who has cooked with eggplants before, eggplants are great as a medium for taking in the flavors that it is cooked with. Kubernetes can be similar, as you start to layer on and change what the vanilla instance provides, complexity can continue to grow. When discussing logging/observability approaches in the webinar, Nana mentioned Fluentbit and Fluentd as one of the approaches she has used in the past. There is certainly a myriad of choices even if focusing on seeming previously solved non-functional approaches such as logging. The rise in distributed microservices that Kubernetes causes a need to look at new approaches and stacks for items that teams might not have been used to focusing on in the past. DevOps/SRE practices and teams have been on looking at how to reduce non-functional technical debt for developers. 

DevOps vs/and/or SRE? 

Towards the end of the conversation, a few questions popped in about DevOps vs SRE career paths and practices. Both teams are focused on reducing technical debt. Though depending on the organization and team size, specialized engineering resources such as a DevOps Engineer / AppSec Engineer / etc might be very leveraged across the organization. Great tips inside the webinar on how to get started in both career paths. Shipa can provide you / your team relief in terms of Kubernetes complexity. 

Get Further, Faster with Shipa

At Shipa, we are laser-focused on developer experience and engineering efficiency. Developers want to get their ideas out in the wild. Though balancing the operational side of the house, there needs to be consistency and limiting the bespoke-ness, which is how technical debt creeps in on non-functional requirements. 

The Shipa Platform makes it extremely easy to deliver workloads on one or multiple Kubernetes clusters. Holistically looking at application/engineering efficiency metrics, policies, and common sense abstractions and integrations, Shipa has your back. 

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