Use Cases

Application Operations

Move Fast
And Keep It Consistent

As you adopt new technologies such as Kubernetes, Pulumi, ArgoCD, and GitOps, they introduce new ways to deploy and manage applications.

This leads to friction between developers and DevOps, impacting application releases, application support, and slowing you down.

Shipa provides a standard model to deploy and manage applications across the existing and new stack, helping you move fast when adopting new technologies while maintaining application consistency and developer experience.

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Customer Use Cases

Adopting GitOps

Adopt GitOps and use it beyond Kubernetes while maintaining the developer experience.


Move between IaC providers like Terraform, Pulumi, and Crossplane using a standard application definition.

Application Management

Manage application lifecycle, security, dependencies, and integrations from a centralized application portal.

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The Basic Process


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Create A Policy

Create a policy framework to describe application controls used during deployments.

Bind The Policy

Bind the policy framework created to an existing Kubernetes cluster or Linux VM.

Manage Applications

Deploy and manage applications using a standard application definition from any pipeline to any infrastructure.

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Enabling Teams to Move Fast

Shipa allows you to focus on evolving your application infrastructure with components such as ArgoCD, Pulumi, Crossplane, Terraform, VMs, or Kubernetes clusters. Have the freedom to move from a regular CI/CD pipeline to GitOps without changing how you deploy and manage applications.

Shipa’s AppOps capabilities turn your organization’s DevOps and Platform Engineering teams into critical enablers, equipped with the tools to enable velocity, security, and control of applications.


Pipeline Support

Deploy applications from any pipeline tool using a standard application definition.

Deploy to Any Infrastructure

Use a standard application definition to deploy across Kubernetes and Linux machines.

Developer Portal

Developer access to application metrics, dependencies, logs, and more.

Incident Management

Connect deployed applications to your incident management platforms.

Application Observability

See detailed application dependency and network maps, integrations into monitoring tools, and more.

Application Security

Scanning, policy enforcement, application deployments, and integration reports help you audit applications.


Are your applications secured end-to-end?

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