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Application Definition

Use standardized application and policy definitions
that work across any infrastructure. Focus on
application deployment and management rather
than infrastructure-related issues.



Faster to roll out your application platform


Increase in application release speed


Faster to support applications

Policy Framework

By using a standard policy definition, you simplify
rule-writing and ensure that applications deployed
across cloud native infrastructures comply with
those defined policies.

Now admins have all the control and overview of the clusters and how they want to configure it, while also freeing the developers from this struggle of working with K8s directly.

Nana Janashia

DevOps Trainer, Techworld with Nana

Shipa lets Developers focus on delivering applications, not Kubernetes manifests or other technicalities. Instead, the DevOps have just to predefine the controls and guardrails and provide a highly efficient workflow across the teams involved.

Daniele Fontani

CTO, Sintra Digital Business

Shipa enables simplicity of the development workflow. I think Shipa is a very unique product so not really sure I can compare it to anything else.

Marcel Dempers

Solution Architect, Webjet

As a developer, Shipa enables me to think in terms of applications, not K8s objects or their YAML-based manifests.

Munish Goyal

Lead Developer, Circles.Life

Application Portal

Use this GUI-based portal to manage applications
after deployment — no matter where they’re

Platform teams around the world trust Shipa