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Application As Code – AaC

Define cloud-native applications and policies as code using declarative, agnostic, and consistent definitions.

Shipa is a simple and flexible Application as Code (AaC) platform that enables organizations to deploy, manage, and secure applications across multiple infrastructures, using different pipelines and control planes using a standard and declarative definition.

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Why Shipa?

Apps and Policies

Reduce human error and increase automation by provisioning application and policy as code across multiple environments with a standard definition.


Provision, manage, and secure applications across Kubernetes clusters and VMs, CI/CD pipelines, GitOps tools, and more using a standard definition.


Enable developers to quickly provision and manage applications on-demand while complying with the policies defined.


Support Infrastructure

Simplify the adoption and scale of CI/CD, GitOps, and control planes using a standard application deployment definition.

Application Policies

Define application policies and have them automatically applied to applications deployed through various tools in your stack.


Easily build and enforce control and isolation for different teams and services across multiple clusters and environments.

App Management

Manage, observe, and audit applications with Shipa, integrated into your existing incident management and monitoring tools.

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How Shipa Works

Application Policies

Create policy definitions for your different teams, environments, and clusters. Bind these policies directly to your cluster, through your CI/CD or GitOps pipeline.

Application Definitions

Create your application definitions using Terraform, Pulumi, or Crossplane. Deploy your applications using these definitions from your CI/CD or GitOps pipelines.

Your Application

Have complete observability over services, ownership, resource consumption, policy compliance, service communication, audit, and more using Shipa’s dashboard.

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