Our APIs let you connect anywhere in your toolchain.
We've provided specific integrations for many of the
most popular DevOps tools.

Cloud providers

Move from VMs, Kubernetes, and more without
impacting the developer experience. Shipa provides a
standard application definition that lets you deploy
and manage applications consistently.

Identity & Access Management

Connect to providers such as Okta and Active
Directory, allowing you to plug your application
delivery workflow right into your security platforms.

Container Orchestration

Expand Kubernetes adoption by adding a standard
application layer that’s detached from the

Notifications & Service Desk

Connect your entire application workflow to your
existing Incident Management tools, giving you
visibility into application and policy activities in real


Run applications the right way, and in ways that tools
like Argo and Flux can’t. For example:

Onboard applications yourself and reduce the burden
on DevOps, give developers visibility over applications,
and integrate your applications into incident management tools.

Ingress Controller/Service Mesh

Enjoy the freedom to choose and evolve, while
abstracting the complexity and thus enabling your
team to create and maintain application network
policies. Ultimately, bring control to the services
deployed by your developers.


Choose the tools you like best while keeping standard
definitions, making it easy to troubleshoot, onboard
new developers, and evolve your toolstack.

Monitoring & Logging

Experience the deep visibility you need to understand
application dependencies — and to make changes in
order to support them.

Secrets Encryption

Get support for the addition of secrets into your
deployed applications using HashiCorp Vault.

Shipa Webhooks

Integrate Shipa with variety of external systems.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Keep whichever tools you’re currently using so you
don’t have to start from scratch. And if you want to
change, we’ve got your back.