Our API for cloud native software development simplifies deployment, governance, and management.

By taking a unique, application-centric approach, we enable standardized application and policy definitions that work across any infrastructure. Using this approach, organizations can adopt new technologies, evolve infrastructure, and accelerate delivery while maintaining a consistent developer experience. Shipa is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Daiani Macedo

Product Manager

Daiani is a Product Manager and Co-Founder at Shipa. She is an experienced product leader who specializes in startups in the cloud native space. Her expertise lies in productizing new software technology, beginning with concept, all the way to production.

Bruno Andrade


Bruno is the CEO and Co-Founder of Shipa. He has led distributed systems design and implementation at enterprises across different industries and has dedicated the last few years to working on the Cloud Native space, helping companies through a successful journey.

Vivek Pandey

VP of Engineering

Vivek  is co-founder and VP Engineering at Shipa. Prior to Shipa, Vivek co-founded CloudBees and served various roles from software development to engineering leadership roles. Vivek has deep subject matter expertise in a number of areas including distributed systems, software tooling, cloud operations, SaaS systems, UX. 

Kelsey Hightower


Kelsey has worn every hat possible throughout his tech career and enjoys leadership roles focused on making things happen and shipping software. He is a software engineer, developer advocate, and speaker known for his work with Kubernetes, open-source software, and cloud computing.

Matt Klein


Matt is a software engineer currently working at Lyft and is most well known as the creator of Envoy. He had been working on operating systems, virtualization, distributed systems, networking, and making systems easy to operate for over 20 years across a variety of companies. 

Ken Owens


Ken is Chief Technical Officer, Cloud Infrastructure Services at Cisco Systems. Ken is responsible for creating and communicating technical/scientific vision and strategy for Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS) technical vision/strategy. He brings a compelling view of technology trends in enterprise IT (e.g., infrastructure, computing, SaaS, virtualization, and cloud) and evangelizes the technology roadmap for the business.

Now admins have all the control and overview of the clusters and how they want to configure it, while also freeing the developers from this struggle of working with K8s directly.

Nana Janashia

DevOps Trainer, Techworld with Nana

Shipa lets Developers focus on delivering applications, not Kubernetes manifests or other technicalities. Instead, the DevOps have just to predefine the controls and guardrails and provide a highly efficient workflow across the teams involved.

Daniele Fontani

CTO, Sintra Digital Business

Shipa enables simplicity of the development workflow. I think Shipa is a very unique product so not really sure I can compare it to anything else.

Marcel Dempers

Solution Architect, Webjet

As a developer, Shipa enables me to think in terms of applications, not K8s objects or their YAML-based manifests.

Munish Goyal

Lead Developer, Circles.Life