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Free Forever and Enterprise versions make Shipa a great fit for both small and large teams.

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Free forever
  • Essential app management
  • CI/CD and GitOps pipeline
  • Limit of 5 applications
  • Application policies
  • Multi-cluster deployment
  • Support to control planes
Run Production Apps
$ 0.000694
Per minute, per app
  • All on Free +
  • Single Sign On
  • Application auto-discovery
  • Vulnerability approval workflow
  • Business hours support
  • Unlimited applications
Enterprise power & support
Per minute, per app
  • All from Pro +
  • Detailed security reports
  • Application auto-scale
  • Advanced Single Sign On
  • Support to Linux nodes
  • 24/7 support
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$ 0
Free Forever
  • Essential app management
  • Limit of 5 applications
  • Application policies
  • Multi-cluster app visibility
  • Community support
  • And more…
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Enterprise power & support
$ 50
Per user
  • All from Free +
  • Detailed security reports
  • Application insights
  • Advanced Single Sign On
  • 24/7 support
  • And more…
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Free forever

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Run production apps

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Enterprise-grade support

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Automated K8s Object Creation YES YES YES
Multi-cluster Deployment YES YES YES
CI/CD and GitOps Pipeline YES YES YES
Deployment Strategies (e.g., Canary) YES YES YES
Log Analysis YES YES YES
Application Move YES YES YES
Application Life-Cycle Visualization YES YES YES
Network Application Map YES YES YES
Application Dependency Map YES YES YES
Volume Management YES YES YES
Webhooks YES YES YES
Role-Based Access Control YES YES YES
Secret Management Integration YES YES YES
Security Scanning YES YES YES
Advanced App Insights YES YES YES
Application Network Policy Control YES YES YES
Container Registry Policy Control YES YES YES
Resource Management YES YES YES
Community Support YES YES YES
Support to Linux nodes YES YES
App Vulnerabilities Approval Flow YES YES
Application Auto-Discovery YES YES
Single Sign On (SAML) YES YES
Business Hours Support YES YES
Self-hosting YES
Vulnerabilities Reports YES
Application Auto-Scale YES
SAML SSO with Group Sync YES
24×7 Support YES

Frequently Asked Questions

How Shipa pricing model works?

Shipa cloud works as pay-as-you-go based on the number of applications running on Shipa.
Shipa offers three models Free, Pro, and Enterprise; each model differentiates by premium features and support level.

How do you define Applications?

An application is a service or app deployed or discovered through Shipa.

What happens when I exceed my applications limit on the free plan?

The Free plan has a limitation of 5 applications; if that limitation is reached, the user will be asked if they want to upgrade to the Pro plan

Do I need to enter my credit card to sign up on the free plan?

No. A credit card is required only if you want to upgrade to the Pro plan.

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently support credit card transactions in US dollars only. Shipa customers using the Enterprise plan will have the ability to pay via invoice/PO.

How can I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my plan?

To make changes to your plan, go to the Billing and Usage section of your Shipa account. If you’re an Enterprise customer, please get in touch with sales to make changes to your account.

Is free really free?

Yes. Users on the Shipa Free plan can use all of the products and features in the Free plan for free with a limit of 5 applications.

How long are subscription terms?

Utilization is billed over a 30 day period that starts on the date you signed up for the service. The duration of Enterprise subscriptions is as set out in the individual Order Form for the subscription.

Can Shipa be deployed on-premises/self-hosted?

Yes. Users of the Shipa Enterprise version can deploy Shipa in their on-premises/self-hosted clusters.

How can I keep track of my utilization?

You can keep track of current usage and upcoming charges by navigating to Settings and then Billing & Usage in the Shipa Console.

Can I start with Free and upgrade later?

Yes! You are more than welcome to try the Free version. If you and your team want to collaborate on cloud-native application projects and need more advanced capabilities, then try the Enterprise Edition. To upgrade to Enterprise, please get in touch with us.

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Shipa provides a developer-centric workflow to manage and operate your applications on Kubernetes.

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