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Techworld with Nana: DevOps Tool of the Month

Run mission-critical applications on Kubernetes

DevOps tool of the month is a series, where each month I will introduce one new useful DevOps tool in 2021

For March I chose: Shipa – Shipa’s cloud native application management framework makes working with Kubernetes for developers extremely easy.

What problems does Shipa solve?

Shipa solves problems both for developers and for K8s administrators.

Developer problems:

Let’s say in your project you decided you will use Kubernetes to run your application. In such cases, developers will need to learn Kubernetes, like K8s YAML configuration files, K8s components, kubectl etc.

As a result developers take most of the time away from actually programming and instead spend it on learning K8s and trying to configure the application to run on K8s.

In addition, they may misconfigure or deploy their application with security issues simply because they don’t know the security best practices in Kubernetes.

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Watch the video below with Nana presenting and demo’ing Shipa.