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Making Kubernetes Disappear with Shipa

In this excellent YouTube video – Marcel Dempers aka That DevOps Guy explains how Shipa ( makes Kubernetes disappear so developers can focus on coding while providing the controls the DevOps team needs.

With Shipa, not a single yaml is needed to deploy an application across multiple clouds. See for yourself… 

VIDEO: Making Kubernetes Disappear with Shipa

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Today we’re taking a look at a new platform called Shipa. Shipa is a full lifecycle application-centric framework that runs on top of Kubernetes so that everyone can focus on applications. 

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Source Code ????… 

Kubernetes in the Cloud:…

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More about Marcel Dempers aka That DevOps Guy:

I am a solutions Architect and my passions are platform architecture, distributed systems engineering ,micro-services, containers and cloud native technology. I’m a DevOps evangelist and encourage use of automation technology and open source to help folks become autonomous.

I want to build up a platform where I can share everything I’ve learnt about software engineering and architecture.

Also, there are a ton of things I want to learn, so this is going to be a relaxed, vlog environment of me learning new things and taking you all on a journey , With weekly to bi-weekly video uploads.

I’ll be building software, and documenting things on my GitHub as I go along. Come learn with me! Subscribe! 🙂


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