Know Instantly When Kubernetes Violations Occur – Your First PagerDuty and Shipa Alert

Imagine having the ability to instantly know when a Kubernetes compliance or security violation occurs. Now you can with Shipa Insights. Coupling Shipa Insights with the robust notification and alerting capabilities of PagerDuty makes this very possible. Shipa has the capability of sending fine-grained events externally e.g to PagerDuty. Now with the power of Shipa Insights, you have the capabilities to alert on policy violations. Let’s take a look at gettings started.

Getting Started with PagerDuty

The integration of Shipa and PagerDuty is with PagerDuty’s REST API. via a PagerDuty Service. You can create a new Service or leverage an existing PagerDuty Service. You will need to create a PagerDuty API Key for Shipa to leverage. 

PagerDuty Key

You will also need the PagerDuty Service ID which Shipa will use to send the alerts. The URL for your Service will give you the Service ID. In the below case will be PQG40GT.

PagerDuty Service ID

Now you are ready to configure Shipa.

In Shipa

If you have not already signed up for Shipa and can run through the Shipa Quickstart to connect a Kubernetes cluster to Shipa. For brevity of the example, will send a PagerDuty Alert on an Application Deployment.  

In Shipa, click into an application then head to the Integrations Tab. 

Shipa Cloud -> Applications -> YourApp -> Integrations

Shipa App

Then click on +Create. In the Webhook UI, can give a name and description of an event to track.

Name: pdalert

Description: PagerDuty

Event kinds to track: app.deloy

Report any event

Configure Shipa Event

Click Next and select PagerDuty from the Provider drop-down. Enter the needed pieces of information. 

Email Account: The e-mail account associated with your PagerDuty Account. 

Authorization Key: Your PagerDuty API Key.

Service ID: The ID of your PagerDuty Service, can be found in your Service’s URL. 

Shipa PagerDuty Configuration

Then click Create. Now your “pdalert” will be configured. 

PD Alert

Next to check out this alert in action, head back to your Application and re-deploy.

Shipa Cloud -> Applications -> YourApp +Deploy

Provide an updated image or re-deploy the same image. 

Deploy Shipa App

Click Deploy and you will have a new alert in PagerDuty. 

PagerDuty Shipa Alert

This example was deployment-focused, but you can create fine-grained alerts on policy violations. 

Alerting on Shipa Insights 

With Shipa Insights, you can tie alerts at the Framework Level. Meaning any application imported or deployed against a Framework e.g “PCI Apps” can be used to generate alerts. There are fine-grained policy violations that you can alert on. 

We are just getting started with Shipa Insights. Hope you check out Shipa Cloud today to unlock all of these and more possibilities.