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Shipa Product Updates – April 2022

Depending if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is upon us. We have been busy at Shipa democratizing developer experience for all and making Kubernetes an afterthought. Grateful for all the community and customer feedback helping us make Shipa better. If you have an idea, check out our new Idea Portal where you can your own ideas.  Let’s take a look at what we have delivered in the last pair of sprints. 

Highlighted New Features

Busy like the bees spreading all the pollen.

Jobs Support in the UI

Systems that helped influence Kubernetes to be what it is today were distributed job schedulers such as Google Borg. Jobs in Kubernetes is still an important piece of functionality. Now you can manage Kubernetes Jobs with Shipa Jobs from the Shipa UI. Check out our example to get started today. 

Shipa Jobs

Single Step App Deploy

Removing barriers to deployment has just gotten easier with Shipa. Now when you create a Shipa Application, you can immediately deploy via the Shipa UI. If using an infrastructure-as-code e.g IaC provider, you could automate this. Though for those who enjoy the UI, there was a pair of steps needed. Now with a 50% reduction [down to one] to deploy. 

Shipa One Click Deploy

New Cluster Connect – Behind Feature Flag

From our users and community, connecting a Kubernetes cluster has been a more detailed step than what would be optimal. We are in the final stages of having a one click bind to Shipa from your Kubernetes cluster. Currently in the last bits of testing, soon all you have to do is run a kubectl command and like magic, Shipa is connected to your K8s cluster. 

Shipa New Cluster Connect

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Notable Mentions in the Press

Looking Ahead

We are really excited to continuously improve the Shipa Platform. On our next horizon, we are improving all parts of the platform. Can take a look at our latest release notes the velocity which features, improvements, and bug fixes are closed. Stay tuned for what is next!


-The Entire Shipa Team