Shipa Product Updates – June 2022

Summer is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere and as we work on getting our collective outdoors time in, we also have been busy at work making some great enhancements to Shipa. We kicked off June with a great webinar with PeladoNerd focusing on LATAM. We continued to focus on building and enhancing Shipa. 


Highlighted New Features

We keep moving forward with making Kubernetes application and security management an afterthought. 

Engineering Efficiency Release – Shipa Insights

Only a month into Shipa Insights, we released a major UX enhancement. Our Engineering Efficiency release focused on benchmarking and organizing engineering efficiency metrics and also revamping how security and policy violations look. 

Shipa Insights UX

Combined with this great UX update, under the covers, you can now send alerts on Policy Violations. 

Policy Violation Eventing

Imagine having the ability to immediately know when a Policy Violation occurs. Shipa now has broadened coverage for Events to include Policy Violations. This can be configured via the CLI or UI. 

Eventing Policy Engine

By setting up this Shipa Events, you can trigger an Alert/Incident/Etc in a tool like PagerDuty

Application Object Simplization 

Over the last few months, you might have noticed the Single Step Deployment in the UX. Now if leveraging one of the IaCs such as Terraform or Crossplane, you can take advantage of this in an automated fashion.  

Events / Talks / Webinars

In the upcoming month, can catch us around. 

Notable Mentions

Looking Ahead

We are really excited to continuously improve the Shipa Platform. On our next horizon, we are some amazing features to continue to supercharge Shipa Insights and make multi-region/cluster Kubernetes deployments even easier with Shipa. Can take a look at our latest release notes the velocity which features, improvements, and bug fixes are closed. Stay tuned for what is next!


-The Entire Shipa Team